We have had a variety of dogs our whole lives.  These are a few we've had. Dobermans, Weimaraners, Rottweilers, Schnauzers and Neapolitan Mastiffs. We've also had Whippets.  Our Whippets were a lot of fun and very rewarding.  I trained them for racing in different categories.  They competed in oval track racing, lure courses, sprint racing and open field. I had a female that won her first open field class and went on to be an Open Field Champion.

We first became interested in the Alapaha about 16 years ago.  I spoke with Lana a few times about the breed and decided when the time was right we would purchase one. We researched the breed carefully for a few years and purchased our first Alapaha, Rajun.  We now have about 20.  We have studied their pedigrees and have selected the ones that will be used in our breeding program.  Our goal is to produce sound temperment as well as a good family protector and companion. Our lines are true decendants from Lana Lou Lane's stock. You will find her foundation sire, Lana's Marcelle Lane in all of our dogs pedigrees.

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  • "Shelley, Everything you told me about the Alapaha is absolutely true. Millie is wonderful with our young children and all of the neighborhood kids who visit our home. We love ..."
    Greg Roy
    Happy Alapaha Owner
  • "It's hard to believe Elly is already a year and a half old. It seems like yesterday we picked her up at the airport. She has been everything you could want in a dog. She is lyin..."
    Thank you.
  • "We got exactly what we wanted in our new puppy Raspberry, from Big Sky. She was already socialized when we picked her up at eight weeks old, she adapted quickly to our family, ..."
    Andreas family
    Perfect Choice

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