Quotes UPDATE: October 2012 Im not going to lie... Mylow is the best replica of bear ever. Thank u for the opportunity to choose mylow. She is the best dog I ever could have imagined. Thank you Quotes

Quotes Sassy Bacon is now only 10 weeks old and know sit and lie down. she can ring a bell to go out side and uses the outside for potty.I point to the bell and she gives it a good wack with paw . I then take her out side where she has learned to go on grass or leaves .Part of it is me getting her out frequently but she is learning so fast . She has kept her crate clean since 8 weeks. Her health is excellant reports my vet. I am so greatful that I found BigSky Alapaha and that I followed my instincts as to selecting a pup from here. Sassy Bacon is an amazing pup and will mature to be an amazing dog. Just what I wanted.... Quotes
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Quotes We only have positive things to say about A.B.S.K. The pictures of their dogs always best resemble the breed standard. After contacting Alapaha Big Sky Kennels, we were sure we had picked the best breeder. Outlaw's temperament and behavior is unbelievable. He is a great guard dog, he barks when people walk by but is not overly aggressive. We take him on many of our outings, whether it's a restaurant or a walk through downtown. The only part that is difficult in taking him places, we are constantly stopped by people to pet him and say how cute he is! In addition to being a beautiful dog, he is a beast! We are so happy we contacted Shelley,she really cares about her dogs. The Alapaha breed is everything we could have hoped for and more. Outlaw will be big enough to protect our house, yet is gentle enough to play with the young children we have around our house. For anyone who wants this beautiful breed, in our mind there is no other option but A.B.S.K. Quotes
Brandon Wiggs & Sarah Faulkner

Quotes I just thought I would let you know how Zula is doing. She is the best dog I have ever had, She is always up for playing with Gage, its tug of war. With Ricki its pulling her around the block on roller blades. With me and my wife its fetch. With the whole family its swimming in the pool. She loves the Neighborhood kids when they come over. She runs, barks, she is always so much fun. She also lets us know when someone in near that we dont know . Thanks for the help. The Wheelers Quotes
Rick Wheeler
The Zula Bear

Quotes It's hard to believe Elly is already a year and a half old. It seems like yesterday we picked her up at the airport. She has been everything you could want in a dog. She is lying on the floor next to me as I sit here. Just wants to be with her people. She has been trained not to go off the property on her own but will lie on the front lawn and watch everything that goes by. Cars, bikes other dogs. People in cars often stop just to look at her and ask about her. People walking dogs look over their shoulder thinking Elly is going to come after them but I know she won't and sorta get a kick out of it. Did I mention how beautiful she is and always getting compliments. She gets along very well with other dogs especially my sons Rottweiler. I have had many dogs in my life but you are the first breeder I have kept in contact with. I enjoy taking pictures and sending them to you and I know from your responses that you really enjoy getting them. Quotes
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Quotes Big Sky Kennels, I just wanted to let you know how much i love my dog Mylow. Shes everything that i wanted in a dog. She's a beautiful dog and has a really good temperament. I got her at 8 weeks and by 9 weeks she would already sit and speak on command. Very smart! I would bring her to the job site and everybody loved her. A guy up the street from where i was working asked if he could baby sit her. Ive had a couple people ask me that. A couple people i know but not all to well have pictures with her and even put them in their houses. Its a little weird but hey, shes a great dog. Also when i went to pick my dog up from the vet the whole staff of about 5 people were all saying their good buys to her. I know vets are supposed to act that way with your dog, but when their bringing out other dogs and mine is only one their saying goodbyes to; Shes my kid and i wouldn't want any other dog. Darren Quotes

Quotes We got exactly what we wanted in our new puppy Raspberry, from Big Sky. She was already socialized when we picked her up at eight weeks old, she adapted quickly to our family, and demonstrates a significant amount of protectiveness at home. She is assertive and playful and extremely intelligent, as she has learned various commands and signals very quickly. Within the past four years and prior to finding out about Big Sky, we dealt with two other breeders in looking for our second puppy. The first didn't deliver a pup but kept our entire payment, and the second could not negotiate an agreeable method of delivery from the US to Canada. After these unsuccessful attempts we decided to try to find a reputable breeder one last time, and the third time was definitely a charm. Raspberry is a lovely addition to our family and truly an impressive Alapaha. We are glad we found her from a reliable breeder. Thank you! Quotes
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Perfect Choice

Quotes Moxy is amazing with my 8 month old girl Kylie. Kylie will crawl over to Moxy and pull on her ears, lips, tail, or whatever else she can get ahold of (while I supervise of course). Moxy just calmly lays there until she gets tired of it. Then she just casually gets up and gets out Kylie's reach. She barks when someone's at the door, and has the occasion growl/bark at our lab when they're playing. Other than that, she is a pretty quiet puppy. She was quick to learn what "No!" meant, and she learned quickly to lay on her bed when I snap my fingers. I researched breeds to find a good fit for energy level, good temperament for kids, and protective instincts, and so far in her young life Moxy has been everything I hoped for! Quotes
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Perfect Pup

Quotes Shelley, Everything you told me about the Alapaha is absolutely true. Millie is wonderful with our young children and all of the neighborhood kids who visit our home. We love the fact that she is a natural protector but also possesses such a calm demeanor. Millie is so smart and obedient as she learns commands after just a few repetitions. The information you shared with me about the different pups you had and their distinct personalities really helped me make the perfect selection for our family. I am probably one of the few buyers who has had the opportunity to visit you onsite. I was so impressed with the care that is given to each of the dogs. I researched many of the breeders prior to that visit, and I have to believe that the health and beauty of the dogs at the Alapaha Big Sky Kennels cannot be matched. Thank you for a wonder full girl. Quotes
Greg Roy
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Quotes Shelley, I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful dog Aspen is! I know you hear that all the time, but she is incredibly smart, good tempered, and so well behaved. I can't imagine how beautiful she will be once she finishes growing(she's already gorgeous!!) I have gotten too many compliments on her to remember. When I take her to the ball field everyone is in awe, not only by her looks but her sweet nature. I definitely picked the best breeder. I'm sure it won't be long before I'll be calling you for a brother or sister for her. Thank you! Quotes