Alapaha Big Sky Kennels Contract

                                                ALAPAHA BIG SKY KENNELS


Breed:  Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

This dog is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of this sale.  Dog has had all vaccines and worming that can be done in
regard to dogs age.  We suggest that you take your dog to the vet with in 72 hours after taking your dog home.  We must be
informed immediately if there are any findings or problelms at the time of the first vet visit.
We do not guarantee against any conditions that may be stress related or from improper treatment of the dog.  If any improper
treatment is found, we reserve the right to repossess said animal.
We guarantee that any dog sold as a pet or as a show/breeding prospect will have a three (3) year health guarantee against
any congenital defects.  If congenital defect occurs the affected dog must be returned to Alapaha Big Sky Kennels for us to
honor the guarantee.  A complete documentation from a licensed vet stating the diagnosis of the problem must be received at
Alapaha Big Sky Kennels with in one week from the diagnosis having been made.  We have the right to have our vet confirm the diagnosis of a congenital defect at the purchaser's expense.  Shipping costs are the responsibility fo the purchaser.  We will not be responsible for treatment costs, shipping fees or any other costs incurred by the dog purchaser.
We need to be contacted immediately in the case of any serious illness or other problem concerning the dog or this contract
will become null and void as to any future claims.
We cannot fully guarantee that any puppy under the age of 6 months purchased as a show/breeding prospect will mature as a show/breeding prospect.  Puppies go through many changes during development.
As per the standard of the breed, if a dog is purchased as a show/breeding prospect and it becomes evident the dog has a show
disqualifying fault, the dog must be returned to Alapaha Big Sky Kennels and a replacement dog will be given to the purchaser
as soon as one becomes available.

Alapaha Big Sky Kennels

We do not give money refunds.  Replacement only.  Same breed and sex, contingent on availability.

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