Bear is our foundation sire. He has produced some very nice pups. Bear weighs 90 lbs and is solid muscle. Bear is very protective of his home and family. He barks when strangers appear, but will welcome them when he gets the o.k. from us. He is very good with children and gets a long with our cats and other dogs. He loves to go on walks in the woods and loves to swim in the rivers in Montana.


      Taz is a solid boy. He weighs 85 lbs. His sire is Bear (above)  He is our clown, always making us laugh. He is such a sweet boy, loves to play with the grandkids as well as the other dogs and cats. He will let us know if there is someone driving up our driveway and will stand on our front porch until we come out and let him know they are welcome.  


Introducing Big Sky's "Baron".  He will be used in our breeding program. Gorgeous WEB...Big boned and very straight boy. Great temperament, very laid back. Can't wait to see what he produces.


    Hannah is one of our first females. She has produced some fantastic puppies. Our male, Taz is one she produced.(Hannah X Bear)  She weighs 75lbs and has such a warm personality. She is very athletic, protective of her family and home. I can't say enough about this girl, she has got to be one of our favorites.


    Harmony is out of Rajun X Bear. She weighs about 75 lbs. She is a very protective girl and will let us know if anyone is here she doesn't know.  She is very sweet and gets along well with the other dogs and our cats. She is a Mama's girl. lol She loves the outdoors and the river in front of our house. Summer's are great for her.


   Grizzy Girl is 3 years old. She will be used in our breeding program. She is a stocky girl and is developing good muscle and a nice broad head. Her sire is Big Sky's "Griz" and dam is Big Sky's "Hannah" She is very athletic and very sweet. She loves people and loves to play. She could run in the woods all day and also loves the water.


     This is Angel, she is 3 years old, weighs about 75 lbs. She has great muscle at her young age. She is very sweet and loyal. We are excited to use her in our breeding program and anxious to see what she produces. She is Sired by Big Sky's "Griz" and her Dam is Big Sky's "Hannah" Litter mate to Grizzy Girl above.

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